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What’s so special about stockings?

Stockings are sensual, elegant, and – surprise, surprise! – also practical! A ladder means you only lose one leg, not the entire item. Unlike tights, many style of stockings are still made with a reinforced heel and toe (especially the seamed ones), which makes them more durable. Stockings are also great for women’s health.

You might find tights or thigh highs are an easier choice, particularly for daywear – but we challenge you to try wearing a pair of stockings with one of our glamorous and comfy garter belts. You will never look back!

Some stockings look wrinkled

100% nylon stockings are particularly long and you will need to find the right size based on your height, shoe size and inseam. As they have no Lycra, they do tend to wrinkle at the ankles and around your knees, especially when sitting down, but many people consider this to be part of the attraction.

These stockings ladder less easily than stretch stockings and feel just amazing on. They are a real treat and if you have never tried them before, I urge you to do so.  They are simply the ‘cadillac’ of stockings!
Nylon stockings with a reinforced heel and toe are usually referred to as an RHT.

Warning: it is incredibly easy to develop an addiction to nylon stockings.

What is the hole in fully fashioned stockings?

The hole you see on the back of the leg of each stocking, just below the welt is called a finishing loop, and it’s a sign that the stocking is an authentic 1950’s style fully fashioned stocking – made flat, shaped to your leg and then sewn up the back.

Most modern seamed stockings now have a cosmetic seam, which is the technical term for seams that aren’t functional, but are sewn on after making the stockings, purely for aesthetic reasons.

Our fine seamed stockings, however, has the best of both worlds: Lycra has been added to the nylon for extra comfort and wear ability, but the seam is added by the same machine, during the knitting of the leg, giving it a very neat and slightly raised finish, just like fully fashioned nylons.